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Shadow Aces' Battlefield [SACE]

Please request to join our platoon through our official Website
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<==========Shadow Aces [SACE]==========>
-Our goal is to provide everyone the best experience while playing
- We are a year old as a clan.
-We will provide Strategy Guides and advice
-We are structured to keep our goal while keeping our vets entertained.
-We prefer a mic but understand those who do not and accept anyone
as long as you are an active member.
- Memebers MUST wear the SACE tags while in this Clan.
-We have custom positions open, contact any of the leaders for more info
on the matter.
Thanks for taking the time to read, we hope you apply!
Shadow Aces!

<==========Clan Match History==========>
SACE vs 54TH - Squad Rush - 2/3 - Win
SACE vs 54TH - Team Rush - 3/5 - Win
SACE vs Kod - CQ - 1/4 - Loss
SACE vs WP - CQ - 5/0 - Win

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