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Platoon Presentation

We are a Tactical fungaming Clan!

Work with ur team or get....BANed!!!


Currently RECRUITING members!

We rely on

Regular clanmeeting: Sunday evening!

Important links
[ ESL-Team ->inactive! ]
BAN{dits} Leaderboard:

TS3: IP: On request

Clan War Report

SR: 4vs4 Ban{dits} vs Trux Community = 3:3 !draw! 06.11.2011
SR: 4vs4 BAN{dits} vs Probably Your Death = 6:0 !win!
CQ: 8vs8 inf. BAN{dits} vs D12-Clan = 444:0 !win! 30 September 2012
CQ+Rush: 8vs8 inf. BAN{dits} vs Taskforce 141 = 6:0 !win! 27.01.2013
SR 4vs4 BAN{dits} vs Blaues Licht = 2:2 !draw! 01.02.2013
CQ 6vs6 BAN{dits} vs Bielefelder Nachtfalken = 1:3 !lost! 24.03.2013

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BAN{dits} for the WIN

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