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[Lz] is a division of the Australasian clan "The Liquidatorz".

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Conquest Smal Server-

Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest and 4v4 Squad Rush Teams and our 5v5 Inf Only Team

Rules for our Conquest game server:

1. No spawn killing or base raping. Mortaring into the spawn is prohibited.

2. No asset theft.

3. No cheating, hacking, glitching or unfair play of ANY form or kind. We have an absolutely no tolerance of ANY type of cheating.

4. Respect all other players. Do not abuse, insult or offend another player.

5. Respect all administrators and clan members. You must abide by any game-specific rules set by the administrator(s).

6. No spamming or [generally accepted] annoying conduct.

7. Keep swearing and offensive comments to a minimum.

8. No stats padding.

9. No Vehicles until 5 v 5.

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