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We are a clan who like to have fun and play the game for what it is.

We like dedicated players who are active, and like to have fun. We do Scims and Clannies with other clans, but just for fun.

[FFL] strives to be the best clan in the gaming community. Only a selected few will become [FFL] members. We are extremely dedicated.
We started this clan for gamers to have fun, however we must all play by the following code of conduct.

There is only one rule:“Obey the SGS rules of engagement”
We do not have a single member clan leadership system!

We are an invite only clan and do not recruit, unless we are absolutely sure that you will contribute positively to our clan.

If any new member wants to join our clan or just register he/she needs to go to contact us on the left menu, give his username , email and tell his story, we will add him as a user, and email him back with his username and password to log in.

All applicants need to go through this process before you get the green light to wear the [FFL] clan tag.

[FFL] is a multigame clan.
No FFL member is allowed to play for another clan or use another clantag!

Minimum requirement for any [FFL] member is:
18 years of age or above. Exceptions might be considered for family members of existing members.
Active forum participation on the [FFL] website.
Must have own internet line and computer.
Must have a valid email address.
Participation where possible in [FFL] activities.
Join us on Our Server when you can. Just search for FFL and you're there.

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