Mass Murder
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Platoon Presentation

Mass Murder is looking to recruit more members to be more effective on the field.
We are a team of effective players who aren't afraid to get in the mix and be aggressive.
You can't win a fight if you don't push back.
As part of our plan to be a more recognizable force on the Battlefield,
we need more members of all play styles to
join our ranks and put us on the map.

We are looking for the following:

*Assault soldiers who aren't afraid to get in the mix and
REVIVE fallen brothers.
Even if it means falling themselves.
Remember, also, that if your friend is hurt,
throw a med pack in his area to help him
heal his wounds quicker and get back to
work. Hard to see down the sights if blood is
all over your screen.

*Support soldiers who drop ammo for their TEAM
before they drop ammo for themselves.
It's hard to put bullets into an enemy's head
if our mags are empty. Keep those bullets
coming and listen for the calls for ammo!

*Engineers who aren't scared to get up close
and personal with an enemy tank to
disable it so air support can eliminate
it with ease. That "repair" tool can be hell
on an unsuspecting enemy vehicle if it
doesn't know what's going on. Disabling
and Destroying vehicles with this handy
device is possible. That just means your
friend in the tank, chopper, or fighter
jet can take it out with ease. Help your
fellow soldiers defeat a common enemy.

*Recon players who don't mind getting in the
mix dropping spawn beacons and TUGS so
team mates will be able to spawn close to
the objective and make infiltrating easier.
If ranged shooting isn't your thing, and getting
up close and personal providing valuable intel
on enemy position and friendly infiltration
points for your team is more style, then equip
that PDW and mow them down as you provide
insertion points for your team mates!

*Snipers who can actually eliminate targets from considerable range.
Yes, "wookies" that means you, too.
A good SNIPER who can effectively take out soldiers at any range on the field can be
more effective than some realize.

A good TEAM will ALWAYS win on the field.
That's what we are building. A strong TEAM!

And remember, if Mass Murder is your Primary/Only Platoon,
rock that NIFE tag with pride.
Let others know who they're messing with on the field.


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