[AIM] Recon
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We are a clan of gamers who consider friendship more important than all else. Our clan features real life friends, siblings, parents and children.

NOTE: this platoon is for members of [AIM] only.

If you wish to join us, head over to www.aimclan.net and join the forums and download an application form.

Please also join us on TeamSpeak3 so we can get to know you! If we don't know you, chances are we won't accept your application if you wish to join us!

>>> ts.aimclan.net:9262

G'luck hunting us, we've a few nice tags amongst us ;)

Server (End Game maps in the formation of 1 round Capture The Flag, 2 rounds Rush, 1 round Large Conquest. 32p, standard tickets / standard set up): http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/61b4c228-16a3-420e-866e-650d31bf619b/

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  • OeterB wrote on the wall for [AIM] Recon:
    Dear all, Yesterday, 25 December 2020, we lost one of our original and one of our remaining. It is with a heavy heart that I share that Snakey911 will not be joining you in games in the future. Peter was one of the 'old timers' in the clan, a welcoming soul when I joined and enthusiastic right throughout, even as the Battlefield series waned. He was a no nonsense, yet fun loving, fair and honourable pillar of the clan for many years before, during and after our competitive years. While fighting on the battlefield for the last 3 years, he's been duking it out with lymphoma. Just like in every game I played with him of BF2, BF3 or BF4, he kept fighting and swinging and fought hard to the end. He was surrounded by family and he kept a smile present even in the final days. Vale, Snakey911. You were, and always will be, one of the good ones. Thanks for representing for so long. And, as always, #FuckCancer. Peter