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Platoon Presentation


Applications to these platoons has been closed! Please apply to the platoon that corresponds to the server you have to lowest ping to. Links to all platoons are listed at the bottom of this description.

Thanks to Linus, we went from 33 to 300 players overnight. But, since we can’t have more than 100 people per platoon, we don’t think it’s too fun having random people from all around just joining the platoons. And so, we’ve dedicated each platoon to a server!

We did this because Platoons have stats, and we can use those stats to compare and match groups of players of similar skill level against others for scrims and/or contests. More platoons will be created if they’re needed, however for the time being please join the Platoon that is dedicated to the server you have the lowest ping with! Have the lowest ping to Seattle? Join the Seattle platoon! If you have any questions, please ask or post at:

Thanks to all, and happy gaming!

Link to Atlanta Platoon:

Link to Dallas Platoon:

Link to Seattle Platoon:

Link to New York Platoon:

Link to Los Angeles Platoon:

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