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Platoon Presentation

Very welcome to Old BF2 Soldiers,

First of all we got some solid rules like any other [advanced] platoon, make sure you read the rules and obey it, this way we can stick up together like a BIG squad:

Rules within the platoon:

1. Family, Friends, School and work is Priority number one!
2. Respect each other, No scolding, No racism, we are ALL equal.
3. No cheating / Hacking
4. You don’t need to be online everyday, play when you want to and when it suits you.
5. If you noticed any cheater in the platoon, please report him [with evidence] and we will post him on the wall of shame.
6. Once a player is removed from the platoon, he can’t rejoin it.
7. Once a player left the platoon, he can’t rejoin it.
8. The ‘admin’ of this platoon can be noticed by the platoon tag which is: [MEC], (I know I said there is no such thing as leader, but there must be some controlling it in order to keep it organized.)
9. You are responsible for your own privacy, everything you post on the platoon section is done by your own free will/choice!
10. We are not responsible for anything, so if you joined it, you took the blue pill :P.
11. It’s your own responsibility to know the rules of a server/platoon etc.

Rules for joining this platoon:

1. You must at least spent 1000 hours playing Battlefield 2
2. Link your old BF2 account and send it to one of the ‘admins’ of the platoon.
3. A true Old BF2 Soldier, will join this platoon! [not really a rule though]

[MEC]xia0_Dun: ‘’Remember a platoon is it’s soldiers.’’

Kind regards from,

Old BF2 Soldiers

Old BF2 Soldiers Leaderboard: http://bf3stats.com/leaderboard/2tePNREmJ7

Old BF2 Soldiers Battlereports:

For awesome video's visit: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241474470017/


▬▬▬►Wall of traitors (they may never return! read rule 7) :

#1 Joeycrack-nl
Link to his battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/joeycrack-nl/


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