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Platoon Presentation

You can join this community where You will have the opportunity to have plane simple fun with friends from way back or maybe find some new that shares the same excitement from online Game playing.

I have through my last 15 years with online gaming been all tru to the Pc Platform... but do now realize there are so many other oppurtunitys for online gaming and how this opens up new ways to meet other players.

PS3-4 , Xbox360-1 , Pc... there are many possibilitys!
Fps, adventure, sports etc are not tied or will ever bee for this Community as long as we can get some good laughs.

Visit our website (Click on Official website) and register. There you wil find TS3 Details and more info on what games and platforms we are playing on.

NB! There are no criterias for level of game experience in our community. Just take with you your "crazyness"



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