Designed to Kill
Tag: [D2K] Fans: 18 Created: 2012-03-29

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Hello, and welcome to Desinged to Kill clan .
Some requirements:
Score per minute 450+
K/D : 1.00 +
Team play .
Listen to leaders .

Recruitment status: OPEN .

You must have one of the leaders in skype and
psn .

We are communicating via Skype:
Leader Dan: PSN:imDan5012/Skype:dann5012
Leader Evyatar: PSN: Assassin_Evya/Skype:evyatar.chaimoff
Leader Maor: PSN:Bulletproof1654/Skype:
Leader Yuval: PSN: yuvalvnkl14/Skype:yuval.gilad5

You also must be a member in Israel BF3 Community (Its an agreement):

Schedule matches:

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