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Welcome to 8v8 Scrim Finder:

-----This platoon was created to serve all ps3 platoons in the battlelog community.-----

**Please only post here for 8v8 scrimmages and not for other types of matches**

-By joining this platoon you are able to get a full list of compiled teams interested in participating in 8v8 scrims.
-8v8's are a great way to start in the competitive gaming world because the use of only 2 squads makes communication and team play extremely tight and fine tuned. After enough 8v8's you can get a greater grasp of how to properly manage a platoon and eventually start participating in 12v12's. 8v8's are also good for smaller platoon's that cannot always manage to get 12 people online at the same time.

-In order to keep scrim finder as organized as possible we ask for only 2 representatives from each platoon to join.

-Once you have joined the platoon please post on the feed the name of your platoon, the two representatives, and the time zone so we can compile a roster of every platoon.

For Example:
[SINS] SINNERS & SAINTS - Leestone2222 or Kashed_Smoke.. (PST)

[hYk] Hide Yo Kids Dojasouljah/mob_ak47 EST
[tCo] tHe CraZy oNeS - oOCraZyOo_4LyF3 & FEARR_DEATH
(539) 539 Assault Squadron ™ - MikeLeighWaFc or UK_LeeLanD_UK - GMT
[BOSS] Nation - atlshawty1 (EST)
timezone - EST
[SoD] mido05/sokna20/ GMT +3
6FU) Six Feet Under - Contact xThundeboltz or xJakeSlayz (EST)
(SoA) Sons of Anarchy reps will be FUNEE420 and BLiNK_Lightning US EASTERN
(KLNU)Sour Coolaid :Two reps are aquaousg and Timbodeen: Time zones vary
DFF - Delta Force Friends... my psn: super_saiyan1983 euro
(DBD) Death Before Dishonor- jy6700
[BFB] Battlefield Brothers . Ronin90q20v/Wes1973
(FK) FULLTIME KILLERS - Sneintzville nokita66 - 6pm-9pm EST
[AST] Advanced Seal Team - superdedupe, WelshGamingFTW (World Wide Platoon)
BIA. Brothers in arms-schrute_farms123,RRs_triplek
[T3XS]=Tactical-3liteXsoldiers_PSN:BLGT3XS_&_Texas-Made-_- (CDT)
[DuX] The Leaders XxToxic455xX & Swaz_Leeds (World Wide Platoon)
[VK] Violent Killers - Kennykiller1
[pp] Psn: xashecrimsonx and boyfromessen90.
[XL] Xtreme Legion - KingOfCali805 (PST)
[TXS] toxic soldiers - headshot74967 or bullfacemobjm115
[NMLB] No Man Left Behind : Mai-Coh (UTC)
[ySo] WhySoS3ri0uS? - Contact; ySo_InsanitY-
[OpS] OpS Gaming - CodeName_Deus or Z_RoW-xRiVALx- (EST)
[DoWG] Dogs of War Gaming , contacts are VOZ1 and DeniedXavier760
[FaZe] FaZe clan, matthias152 / FaZe_Legendary1
Hardcore Heroes PSN: kieranovks
[St0d] Storm Troopers of Death - karanianigupta, zawkao26 (World Wide Platoon)
[SINS] SINNERS & SAINTS - Leestone2222 or Kashed_Smoke.. (PST)
(ASH) AshestoAshes contact bowlernona for (12v12) dylanlehane for (4v4) (8v8) (EST)
Brothers in arms idydy and schrute-farms123 central tz
[eX] [eX]traordinary - oSiGHTo
[aTv] Activae eSports - Contact: aTv_Fefo90 or aTv_EnzoBigBoss (3.30pm EST)
[VaLR]. Representatives: Dark_Falcon or wolko99. Timezone: Worldwide platoon.
[AeX] Anonymous Exiles - Duggan22
[NvG] Night Vision Gaming - Huey_123 or PUNISHERTYME or PUERTEQUILA
(F3AR) F3AR TEAM6----RIOS-246(PS3) or Rios24(BTL)
[haSH] haSHshaShiN* - 2Hano (psn: Two_Hando)
[tyoC] take you out Clean - Nacho-Boogle & The_Chronic19 (Both same for PSN) UK & Malta: GMT & GMT+1
(LOLZ) alcatrax__2040,llllxxGOWxxllll
(HoT) HouSe oF ToRMeNT - BLaCKBeaRD_RaW, WiZArD_RaW
((dVb) IINoNameII , Bossehh
[xMFHx] -MuRd3Rz-_FoR_-H1R3- Contact xMFHxSoULReAvEr or xMFHxCeltics.
[AoB] ArMy-oF-BeAsTs - LennyRenny (PSN: theLenny-)
[xDLx] www.deadly-legion.com - Kojakk_Moe / BalkanianSpy / Svarun77, GMT/CET
(Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm EST)
[8492] Task Force 8492nd - (PSN: Yotaak) (EST)
[XDE] eXtreme Dutch Elite - knox_the_ripper or OwnZoRR ( 20:00 till 23:00 GMT+2)
(HIVE) The HIVE-- Launchpad85 psn-(Blitz85) or whats_a_lumpkin (EST
(ASH) ASHES TO ASHES contact dylan lehane EST
[SOP] Sons of the Patriots- swampeye (EST)
[wAr] The wAr Empire - Contact DARTH_RAIDER26(8vs8/12vs12) takenitez(4vs4) (EST)
[xP] xPerienced - Contatc hybridsoldier or illusive-xX on psn.... mostly on after 7pm pst
[KILL] Killer competition - contact Chaoslover2230 EST
[UNA] United Nations Army - Cpt_Williarsk ( World Wide Platoon )
[TACP] Tactical Precision - D-MAN912 ( EST )
[DisM ]contact Oboe or levi_skardsen, element1013
[FiL] The First Filth. Filthy_Eagle or Daltron3000. Worldwide. EST best.
[ePro] iDentity Pro Gaming - Contact IJoOoI
[SRS]Swedish Ranger Squad / Molllee
[iHS] International Hit Squad -caini1-(GMT)
(DBD) Death Before Dishonor- jy6700
(dVb) IINoNameII , Bossehh
[KO] Knives Out - Contact LSUFan69 or RAIDER4LIFEwb (central time) mostly 5pm-9pm and 11pm-1:30am
[FSM] Free State Militia Biff_skyes - Play Wednesday through Saturday Evenings EST
(BH4D) BlackHawks 4th Division, laticsfan1985, deen247, GMT
(S8) Section 8 - Christer1987 & Kimnordahl, CEST

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