Grumpy Old Men
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Looking for mature minded gamers, so to speak, for a loose association of PS3 gamers. No schedules or practice times... no stat or skill level requirements... In fact, there are no official "membership" requirements at all... Just an informal Association of like-minded, mature (30+ Pref) gamers to share a competitive but casual, fun and respectful gaming atmosphere. For those of us with real lives, just managing to find some "play" time can be challenging enough, so having some similarly situated friends in the PS3 community to join up with for a game can be a real treat. Are you a Grumpy Old Man or Woman?

We have a server in BF3...just search GOM. All are welcome.

Check out these videos, courtesy of one of our leaders Saints929Gaming... 'like', subscribe and enjoy!

We extend beyond the Battlefield as well... TW PGA '12, RDR, GT5... etc. If you want to know more, or if you are interested in becoming an Associate, please email me at:

Already have a group of older gamers? Let's form an alliance... email;

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