Kitten Mountain
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Kitten Mountain is 541 million years old but the Cat Master Jedi Sith Lord King Sage started to allow people to train 9000 years ago...

We are located on the border between Ziyuan and Xing'an Provinces

(>'.'<)_To Become A Kitten You Must_(>'.'<)

1.Must hiss at dogs
2.Must chase mice

3.MUST MUST be Approved by the Cat Master Jedi Sith Lord King Sage

4.Must have customized rifle for kitten claws
5.Kitten crawl when sneaking

Have any questions? Ask away I have none of the answers! :3

The Cat Master Jedi Sith Lord King Sage knows all!

-The Whisker of Knowledge
-The Whisker of Flight
-The Whisker of Heart
-The Whisker of Support
-The Whisker of Terrain
-The Whisker of Destruction
-The Whisker of Surveillance
-The Whisker of Falsehood
-The Whisker of Victory

Enter Scratch Post Hall to get your Honorary Kitten Claws.
Theme song:

@w@ Have a Mice day @w@

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