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Platoon Presentation

TAXI? Yes, just "TAXI"! Need a ride? Call out and we take you to A and B, and occassionally to C and D. Sit back and enjoy the ride... shout out if you spot them pesky mines or see incoming JAVs.

TAXI is about having fun,
about efficient communication when the going gets tuff,
about adult banter when the tuff get going,
about getting the objective by BF3 teamplay.
As platoon we play mostly RUSH or CTF.

Thinking of signing up? We want to maintain a high standard of crazyness and maturity so the rules are :
1. no mic = no talk = no joy = no join
2. ENGLISH MOFU! Do you speak it? ;-)
3. maturity and teamplay required
4. No need for running commentary on your awesomeness.
5. have to be sponsored by a member

In return you get to meet and interact with interesting o_O people from all over the world. You will visit exotic places with amazing scenery that you get to destroy as you wish. All the bullets and rockets you can fire, for free. Free transportation by land, sea and air. Free food & drinks will be available from your fridge.
Join [TAXI] and you will see the world from a different perspective!

on XBOX360 only.

founders : Lesman4, BEASTMODE7731 and RemoteControl70

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