Furry Warfare
Tag: [FUR] Fans: 57 Created: 2012-09-09

Platoon Presentation

All Serious BF3 Furries Are Welcome To Join ^ ^ .
(yiffers to ;) )
About Our Platoon
We're an easy going bunch of furry fuzz balls, we play both serious games and random
'stuff around' rounds depending on who's online and what everyone feels like doing.

Although we are predominantly all canines, foxes here, you don't need to be one to join the
Furry Warfare, as we all love a bit of variety when we're out there getting shot
at don't we guys? XD So come one, come all, lets show them how bad ass all furries
are no matter what the species!

When we do play seriously, we break off into squad(s) and capture / achieve objectives
together as a team. Otherwise if we are stuffing around,we tend to play as a 'free for all
get as many points as you can and kill everyone' game ^.~

If playing on our squad(s), its best to jump on voice to find out what the hell is going on,
especially if you join a game half way through >.>

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