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Adapt-A-Noob Platoon

There is an epidemic in Battlefield 3 of players who are soooooper butthurt. The continuing influx of new players or are level 100 and can't get over themselves has plagued everyone's game at one time or another and often leaves you wondering "What in the hell was that guy thinking?" or often in my case "How is that guy so good or really bad even though they are level 100?" "What does he know that I don't?" I'm tired of SCREAMING, and i mean screaming when i say screaming i mean it, because even though i'm 35.5 i still get mad enough at video games to literally scream at players to do something and wondering to myself if this is as good as I can get. It's time to be willing to teach, and have a place to learn.

This is a teaching and learning platoon. If you're not doing one, do the other. We all love to play BF3. Many players just don't know how to become better assets to their squad and team. I want this to be a place where all players, on any platform, in any clan, can share tips, tricks, tactics, load-outs, find a master tanker or pilot to learn from or whatever else ya got or want.

Let's get the great competitive level players in here as well as the level 1 new guy who just wants to learn to shoot a guy. I don't care if you are 12 years old or 60 I personally am 35.5 and still get so mad at a video game i can't control myself, have a background playing Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or any other FPS or no FPS background at all. Doesn't matter if you're in 3 platoons already. Bring it on. Just imagine the wealth of knowledge on this game and tactics if I invite all my friends and you invite all yours, and so on.

This is the place to learn, teach and meet other players who want to take their game to a new level. There's no rules, no tags, no leaders (except a few to start, to send out invites) and no commitments other than giving up some time to play with someone new and teach or learn a few things. Wanna get better in a tank or jet? Post on the wall and find someone who is able to play a few matches with you or go into a private server for awhile.

Good luck to everyone - Holdy (Chickmagnet)

Here is my 20 mantras that I repeat to myself and try to apply to my games. If any players put these 20 things in effect, their game WILL get better,except in my case where they stay the same and never get better, even though i can't stop yelling.

1) YELLING- Check minimap constantly (every couple seconds) for enemy fire, spots, teammates, team deaths and flags.
2) YELLING- Don't run around corners. Take 'em wide. ADS on high traffic corners.
3) YELLING- Use prone for defense only.
4) YELLING- Learn to hold your shots and not chase people. Sometimes it's just better to let them go. Don't chase em, Wait on 'em.
5) YELLING and YELLING- Limit angles of exposure & lanes of fire & movement.
6) YELLING- Move cover to cover when time permits. Have a correct sense of urgency of what needs to be done. Prioritize targets, especially vehicles.
7) YELLING- Fill the gaps. "Where are my teammates NOT covering?"
8) YELLING- Hold the reload till it's safe to do so. Don't reload if you have 10-15 rounds still. (See rule 10) YELLING-Use frags and/or a teammate suppressing to buy yourself time in extreme firefights. Call it when you need to do a full reload on multiple weapons.
9) YELLING- Pistol at the ready. While the reload animation is going move your thumb over the Triangle so you can instantly switch to pistol. This is how I outdraw so many people.
10) ALWAYS MORE YELLING- Always be ready for one more guy. If there is one, there could be four.

1) YELLING- Am I running the best kit for the squad? Do I need to change or ask someone to change for us to be more effective?
2) YELLING- Am I in or covering the same lane as my squadies?
3) YELLING- Front guy stops and covers while moving thru intersections. Have I or anyone checked our groups six?
4) YELLING- 10m-20m separation 80% of the time. Don't bunch up or be too far away to assist.
5) YELLING- Meds & Ammo down at EVERY stop and after every skirmish.
6) YELLING- Can I bait the camper or the armor? Call the bait move.
7) YELLING- "If I die, are we wiped?" Last man must stay alive for a spawn point in most situations.
8) YELLING- Call respawns. "Spawning on you." "Spawn/DON'T spawn on me." "I'll gamble a spawn on A." "Spawning on C to regroup" etc, etc.
9) YELLING- Call em. "Pick me." "Clear to pick you?" "Should I gamble?" The closest Medic goes for the revive, others suppress or cover. Nothing worse than 3 medics with defibs out when a guy comes around the corner shooting.
10) YELLING- My version of KISS...Keep It Simple and Short as possible. Ask for more details if needed. Immediately call numbers of enemies when dropped and weapon they have if it is OP for the situation (Shotgun in CQB or a skilled long-range sniper, etc)
11. YELLING-Never forget to be an admin or owner of a server. It will come in handy, when someone is better than you, because you can just kick them or ban them, for me personally it's a real big ego trip, i can't have anyone beat me, or else I go into a fit of seizures, and I reallly don't like that happening.

And always remember the number one rule....
It's easier to shoot a mother fucker in the back. Flank, Flank then Flank em again.

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