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The official iPLΛY BF3 platoon. Thanks for having so many fans! ㋡

This is a clan for all ㋡
We believe in having fun and playing right.There are no requirements to join our platoon, other than you have to have a mic, however, disrespect, teamkillers,
spies, and sqeakers will not be tolerated. We do not have a certain rule list at the time being, but some of the
understood rules from peer to peer are these -- Mutiny, espionage, treason, sabotage, and Chinese pasta
will get you kicked from the iPLΛY BF3 platoon. We also do not have an age requirement, but if you are
young make sure you don't act your age around us.

Are you new to Battlefield? Maybe switching to Battlefield because MW3 sucks so BAD? Well, our battle scarred
Battlefield veterans can show you how to quit playing Rambo in the camping department at Wall-mart and
learn how to play a team based combat simulator.

Your community source for all things Battlefield 3

Clantag: iP
System: PS3
Teamspeak3 Server:

If you have not PS3 so then you can____ "Fan" ____this platoon.

See you on the battlefield!

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