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About United Esports USA

The UE, USA Online Sporting Community was founded in 1995. Formerly known as "United 30 USA" until 2012 by which "United 30 USA" renamed United Esports USA to meet a competitive arena. The name change created a new solution and atmosphere to bring together seasoned first person shooters. Of course United Esports is a gaming environment built on friends and "friends of friends". Over the years we found UE to become also a place to call home and a place to expand the community to others worldwide.
Feel free to join our public Teamspeak at - UnitedEsportsUSA.tserverhq.com

Remember,to bookmark this server address- UnitedEsportsUSA.tserverhq.com by going to your bookmarks tab-manage bookmatks! Visit us also on steam to the following URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UECommunity[/h1]
☣ UNITED ESPORTS GAMING, USA™ (Founder & Leader) -> PureJMD-UE
UE -UNITED ESPORTS GAMING, USA™)- This group is full of like-minded individuals who have a passion for esports, whether it be a full time professional gamer, management/staff member, or casual player. UE is currently active in Battlefield, CS:GO, Counter Strike Source, Call of Duty, TitanFall, Neverwinter, and Diablo.

A Team/gaming Community HQ - Prizes, giveaway's will be availible in the future. Stay tuned

Important note: UE tag may be used as Player Tag only. To request UE Competitive tag use in (NAME) must be in the Competitive Team , thus Regristered with all prerequisite dedicated competive sponsered online sites. Thank you UE™ members and gamers.


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