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"To destroy is always the first step in creation." E.E. Cummings

The purpose of Se\7eN is simple: to bring mature gamers together in a safe environment; in this community, no matter the game or medium, we will play, laugh, and share as a collective.

This is "invite only." That is not meant to be elitist; it is to preserve the environment and ensure the main objective, which is to have fun but always strive to play as one and win. If you are interested in joining us, add a leader and start gaming with him/her. We will then make a decision based on his/her recommendation.

Competitiveness is not mandated, it is innate. For those in Se\7eN that wish to take any game to a competitive level, please do so and represent us all well. For those that only want to play casually, it is your right, and no one will pressure you into anything more. Therefore, statistics, tenure, or any of the other useless minutia means nothing to us.

Always respect those around you--no matter the affiliation--and constantly strive to be better.

We wish you and those you care about nothing but Happiness and Healthiness. Happy Gaming!!!

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Mpax - Graphics and Design
Saints - Marketing

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