Land-Air Havoc
Tag: [LAH] Fans: 2 Created: 2013-01-19

Platoon Presentation

Countless members as good it can reach.

Land-Air Havoc is simply the most Co-operative, Original and Ass-kicking platoon to existence.

--Conditions subject to change--

Conditions to join LAH:
1.Actually be good at the game
2.Don't be a douchebag
3.Always have a mic and learn some Basic English.
4.Forget the ribbons, remember the unity.
5.Follow all conditions.
6.Follow rule no.5

Once you have been accepted into the platoon, it will always be your choice to make it your primary platoon, once its your primary platoon its essential to replace your clan tag with LAH followed by a number which will given to you after speaking with the admins of the platoon and don't forget.. drive safe.

Platoon will remain Inactive for a few months and will comeback with its own Server.

Founder: MAK
badass (sexy) companion:supperrichthief
platoon editor:supperrichthief


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