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Platoon Presentation

Division of Emergency aid and Duty
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A personal thanks is given to Teqx, a friend whom created this for us!

D.E.A.D was established on the grounds of making connection to the team-play oriented talents that we''ve met throughout the many matches we've been included in. We specifically scout for players, that focus on the one goal, which everyone should focus on, Winning the current match.

Our members gets picked based on 2 properties, Statistics and Squad-capabillities. Obviously statistics provides a basic idea of how good the player is independently, however these are incredibly easy to manipulate, we dont stop there.
What is most essential to us, is having a reliable squad of skilled players, knowing how to execute support in all the forms that is required.
A single good squad is a very powerful thing in a 64/64 Conquest map, 1 person alone cannot turn the tides of a battle, but a skilled squad of 4 can indeed.

Code of Conduct!
1. Do not switch to the winning team for the sake of manipulating your stats. (obviously, if your mates are on the other team we see no problem in switching)
2. Assist your squad mates as much as possible, (revive, supress, ammo, cover and so on)
3. PTFO - Play the fucking objective.
4. non-teamplayers will be kicked out of the platoon.
5. In "random" matches, squad slots will be given and prioritised to those representing the platoon with the appropriate [Dead] tag.

We now use a gaming community's Teamspeak whenever we play together. Ask either of us when online if you wish to enter the channel. Meaning you do not have to be a member of our platoon inorder to get in on our teamspeak channel.

Official Alliances:
RedB - Red Beret

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