First To Fight Elite
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Welcome to First To Fight Elite! We are First To Fights competition team.

Requirements are as follow -
SPM - 750 Min
K/D - 1.5
W/L - 1.25
Must have a Mic and speak English


Deadman Division (Infantry):
Commander: Seytai
Co-Commander: iKarosXO
Deadman1: Wedgiepuller
Deadman2: Harryseddon2012

Sharp Shadows (Recon):
Commander: Domojethro
Co-Commander: N/a

Fighting Eagles (Pilots):
Commander: x7_Unknown
Co-Commander: OnlyAHoneyBadger
Eagle1: FAX-Balie

Armored Strike (Armor):
Commander: Slick
Co-Commander: N/a
Armor1: Miqsuqs
Armor2: LockDown_FTW95

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