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International faction of Seven's Exponent(7x). This is Seven's european faction (7i), a community directly associated with competitive platoon "Seven" and operated by The Council of Seven (7c). Where we have fun taking BF3 seriously.

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Update your tag and friend people, it works best if you friend the leads. If your on battlelog and about to join in a game check to see who is on, friend them and try to join their game. The concept behind a platoon is strength in numbers. The more skilled players you have on your side the better your chances to win. If after time you want to be competitive the instructions to joining the competitive platoon, "Seven", are here

If we are on one of our servers you can just message an admin and we'll do our best to make room, but you must be in the que. If you cant make it in try to form your own sqd of platoon members in the lobby and join a different room. Remember it takes every member to make a team work. If we don't join you it's most likely b/c we're running with our guys already. - Join if you love Battlefield 3 and spread the word to all your Battlefield 3 friends! Join us on Facebook
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This is NOT a competitive platoon but rather a community of BF3 players who love all game modes. You must wear our clan tag.

The entry requirement is to be at least a Col 1 other than that everyone is welcome.

The purpose of this clan is to serve as a forum for BF3 players to network with one another. It is our hope that this platoon will serve as a hub that enables the BF3 community to become better connected and better organized. Join today and stop battling alone!

Make sure to friend others in the platoon on Battlelog and on PSN. Never play alone again! Form squads, teams, or even join our competitive platoons 7 or 7s.

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Visit us at

And (the confirmation e-mail will go to your spam box

To find our servers search [SEVEN]

Those who wish to be considered for the competitive platoon "Seven" should contact a leader, apply on the official website, and begin wearing the clan tag 7i

Practice schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 18GMT.

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