Ottoman Offsprings
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Q: Do I really need to have Ottoman heritage to join this platoon?
A: We adopt everyone living in Europe, no matter their color or religion.

Q: Is this platoon for serious?
A: No it is not. I do not intend to start a clanwar but if it gets challenged then there might be one.

Q: K/D or PTFO?
A: PTFO please. If you kill alot in TDM, that counts as PTFO.

Q: How about being active?
A: If you are offline for two months, youll get kicked.

Q: Wat do i need to join this platoon?
A: 1: Humor, 2: Headset 3: Sarcasm

Q: Every platoon description mention racism, you don't. Does this mean that people are allowed to discriminate.
A: Yes, racism is the true power that fuels our platoon. This is the reason that sarcasm is needed in the team.

Q: Am i supposed to use the tag?
A: If you can, please do. I just don't have the guts to ask you to do so.

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