The Stealthy Donuts
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The Stealthy Donuts is a mature, friendly, but a very competitive clan. It's origin is Battlefield.
We are a international clan and we welcome everyone to join us from any corner of the world. We have active members for all the games modes provided in BF3. .We are also playing all kind of online Combat games as a multigaming clan.


*Language:: ENGLISH(Preferred language)

*Own a working mic and have teamspeak3 installed


*Go to

*Register on the site

*Go to JOIN TSd on main site and fill in the aplication form.

*Make a introduction post on the Forum.

*Join our Teamspeak3 use ip:


*To set up a friendly group and competitive clan where any one can join, have fun and improve his skills.

*To participate in any challenges thrown to us and overcome it.

*To offer choices for those who want to serious play and those who just want to have fun


*We hate cheating, hacking, or trolling. If we see any member trolling your membership in clan will be banned or even removed and you will be reported to the clan admins.

*Challenging other clan or abusing other players will not be tolerated. We will ban the members right on spot. All challenges, scrimmages and clan wars must be approved by clan leadership.

*No abusing or insulting team mates.

*All problems or concerns are to be taken up with clan leadership.

*Keep in mind, even if you are a clan admin or officer you are to follow the exact same rules as everyone else. We do not want and are not looking for trolls, dis-respectful people, racist, whinny or any other type of player that ruin the experience, no matter how good you are.

*Also Read our Rules of conduct on the forum before joining.



*Website :

* Team Speak Server :

Iff you want to join us please register on our site, Fill in Recruiment form, and join our teamspeak ,

If you are not registered and accepted on the forum we will refuse all join requests inside the game clan system

Website :

We host many fun and competitive events and tournaments. We accept both casual and competitive players and we have squads for basically every game and game type so that you will always be able to join a squad that is perfect for you. We are a clan based on leadership, teamwork, maturity, dedication and military. We strive to find the best leaders for our squads and for our chain of command. We are one of the most active PC clans around and our leaders are very friendly and always willing to help. We have active members on our site and a live chat box on our forums so that you can talk to people instantly and get advice at any time of the day!

So why wait? Join today and benefit from being around a clan that is always willing to give you tips and always has someone on to play with.

★ TSd BF3 Platoon ★

★ The Stealthy Donuts ★

★ The Stealthy Donuts TS ★

50 slots TS3: for now will upgrade if need to :)

TSd provides daily admin support on all servers .


64 Slots Server:

16 slots Server:

-Thank you for your time, Cya Soon !

And hope we see you in The Stealthy Donuts

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