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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to Wraith's Community Corner!

I am your typical Battlefield Fan boy with a strange love for the Jekyll and Hyde community that we make up. I have a belief that while its always good to get outside and experience life, its also good to let off some steam and immerse yourself into the digital battlefield from time to time. In this digital age we are becoming more and more connected with one another. This Platoon is just one more avenue for those with a love for Battlefield to get together, build friendships and continue to build on our strong community from now through Battlefield 4.

(*Note, Yes I know where BF originated and if this Platoon / Community is successful I will look to cookie cut it for all platforms)

What this Platoon will do:
Only post Battlefield related news in the Feed section for other members/ Fans of the platoon.

If you have what you think is a credible bit of information on BF4 post it with the link.

There will be NO bashing each other fighting. Be mature. (if you are not your post will be removed as well as you.)

What I will do for the Platoon.
Since everyone accepted in the Platoon will be on XBL, I will on a bi-weekly and sometimes weekly basis post random trivia questions about the BF series in the Feed. The first member to give the correct answer will receive a XBL code for 800 or 1600 pts.

I will also from time to time post the server that I am playing on and give myself a bounty. The first person to come into the server and take my tags will receive said posted reward.

Again, if all goes well and everyone is Mature & Shares information I will keep this going. No Promises but there is also a chance of something bigger to come that relates to getting yourself some rare Dog Tags (If the powers that be can come through for me)


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