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Welcome to the iNternational iNsanity Battlelog Page!

iN or iNternational iNsaniity focuses on elite tactics, chemistry-set teamwork, and a supportive attitude. Our mission is to take an amazing player, and make him or her better by putting them in a field where the buddy next to him; whether he is in the jet, in the gunner or co-gunner seat, or on the field, is his best friend. iN is an Internationally based platoon that respects the cultures and nature of all sorts of players from all over the world.

If you choose to join or wish to join iNternational iNsanity you must be:

1. Age 15 or above. (Unless you are immature)
2. English speaking (Can communicate in battles/text. etc.)
3.Teamplayer (revives, ammo, etc. when called upon)
4.Competitive or non-competitive
5.Willing to take on any challange.
6. Respectful (treat other they way you wanna be treated)

Our platoon is a great platoon to come to if you are looking for both challenge, teamwork and military-style tactics. iN brings culture and skill into the Battlefield.

If you are interested in joining our platoon, feel free to message:

O-o_LunaCy_o-O aka EVIL__PRESTIGE

If you want to join our infantry team message: LunaCyChAos or A-Bort_the_fetus
If you want to join our LAV team message: Lor-Enzo_1996 or LunaCyChAos
If you want to join our tank team message: scopage or Lor-Enzo_1996
If you want to join our Jet team message: LunaCyChAos
If you want to join our helicopter team message: CaptinChis63


To the platoons interested in clan battling iNternational iNsanity, we consider a "Clan Battle" a 12 vs 12 Conquest only, best 2 out of 3 games hosted in either clans server at a set date, and set time. We do NOT accept clan battle requests at ridiculous hours and are OPEN for battling on dates that are convenient for a majority of the players times.

To set up a clan battle you must either:
1) Add 2 of the iN clan leaders and request a clan battle.
2) add LunaCyChAos(BL) (PSN: O-o_LunaCy_o-O) and direct message me within 24 hours of the add.
3) Request a battle via FraggedNation (Not available for iNternational iNsanity platoon until Battlefield 4)

If you have requested a battle to our platoon I hope to assure you that we will do the very best to figure out a convenient time for both platoons in a secure and stable server.

If you have any questions regarding to this please message LunaCyChAos on Battlelog, or O-o_LunaCy_o-O on Playstation Network. (Or EVIL__PRESTIGE as of 6/19/2013)


To challenge iNternational iNsanity into a friendly scrimmage you must do the following as shown above on the "CLAN BATTLES[OPEN TO REQUEST]" Section. Same rules as followed.


iN vs [A]LLIANCE 3-0: Metro, Kharg, Bazaar
iN vs xCx Crip Clan 2-0: Kharg, Caspian Bazaar (Both 12 players on each team froze, wasn't played.)

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