Battlefield Assassins
Tag: [H2KU] Fans: 1 Created: 2013-05-27

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Hello, and welcome to the Battlefield Assassins. We are regular players who don't do competitive clans, we just chill and play battlefield. This clan is dedicated to the element of surprise and knife takedowns, hence the name assassins. We will do clan battles from time too time, but not so often. You don't need a certain k/d ratio or special talent to join, just apply and tell us why you want to join, that is all. The emblem might not be pretty, but my computer screws up with the emblem and that is the best I could get it. Headsets aren't required, but it would be for the best to have one. I'm in the process of getting one so it's not mandatory. BTW, clan tags stand for Hired 2 Kill.

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