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ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!! VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As hopefully most of you already know, the MSG server is having some lag and crash issues for the last couple of weeks. A new server at a whole new provider (i3D) is already under construction. We will keep you instantly informed about the exact date, when it gets active online and stuff! Also PLEASE keep an eye on the platoon site for the new server IP-address.

This is the MSG Fans TDM Seine Server platoon. Visit it for announcements and leave suggestions and feedback. The tag is not required.p

Server link :

If this platoon is full, apply for the second one :

If you need help, contact one of the leaders or post in the platoon.




In close cooperatioon with

Please be aware that we use intelligent Multibalancer Settings which keeps the game enjoyable for all. If you are balanced to the other team then it's only for fairness but also for sportsmenship.

To apply for admin, you need to become Fan of this platoon and we will write you a message.

Please write your nick in the description, so we can set you on the reserved slots list.
1st period:
10€ : Dummbeutel1976
30$ : LnD platoon (
20$: Maddayz
10£ :MikeWhiskey05
20€: HawkEnrise
2nd period:
10€: HawkEnrise; 15€: HawkEnrise; 15€: HawkEnrise
25€: Frahin; 15€ Frahin; 15€ Frahin
5 €: Dummbeutel1976
15€: xenon_sniperX2
50€: microbion
15€: e1bru5
15€: MikeWhiskey05
10€: Frostwolf011
3rd Period:
30€: Terrorjoghurt
15€: Frahin ; Frahin 15€
20€: colinshotts
10€: Dummbeutel1976
################ NEWS ################

If you enjoy your stay on the server and would like to enjoy it in the future, you could help out with a small donnation.
The running costs for 3 months are 105 €
Each donnator over 10€ will recieve a reserved slot for 6 months. Every donator will be displayed on the platoon wall.
IF you are willing to donate, please use the link below (paypal)

Otherwise ask 2MCCCXXXVII4U for other options.
We speak English, French, German, Arabic.

We thank YOU in advance for your dedication.
Update 14.12.15

We came to the conclusion that C4 has no tactical value on this map and mode and can be swapped with claymore to defend buildings and entrances. Also claymores can be dodged and bypassed by cautious players. Furthermore C4 is slowing down the game.
Update: 07.12.2015

As many of you already know, we put a lot of efforts into keeping the server clean from cheaters so all of you can have fun and enjoy your time there. It has recently come to our attention that some of the players in the platoon share the same IP as other accounts banned for cheating. They thought they could get away with it by making new accounts, but the fact is, a cheater will always stay a cheater; whether he still cheats or not. Said players have been kicked from the platoon and permanently banned from the server. Proofs linking them to the accounts caught cheating will be provided to them if they contact us. This should be a warning to every player thinking about cheating : it doesn't matter if you cheat in another account or if you just try a cheat for 10 seconds; you will get caught and banned permanently. This also leads me to another issue : false hackusations. If you strongly believe a player is cheating, then report him to one of the admins. If you strongly believe that every player is cheating, then shut your mouth, because you will end up kicked or banned. Hackusations are something that we take seriously and that we're forced to look onto and this takes a lot of work, so please, use your brain and think before calling out another player. Of course, I left the best for the end : the list of players who are suspected of cheating. These players all have 12 hours from the moment they connect on the server to appeal by making a video and try to convince us of their honesty. However, they will not however be able to join the platoon again. - LuckyTo_Opsito - AMET-bambootaaja - Bloody_Uhtred - I_Munin_I - 3The-snake - Firemankirovec - DogWithGun - Kir0sava - GaruNinja

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