Dead PiXels
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══════════════════════ = [DpX] Dead PiXels™ = ══════════════════════

•• Founded September 15th, 2016 ••

There is no specific requirements to join our clan. But only if you agree on the following simple rules:

➊. Always wear the [DpX] Tag Before So that we can recognize easily.
➋. Play Fair! Any form of cheating/hacking/Macro wont be allowed.
➌. Respect Each other. Discrimination of any basis will not be tolerated and will lead to BAN.
➍. Attend at TeamSpeak while playing.
➏. Don't hesitate to Apply for the platoon if you want to join!

▣ TeamSpeak Address:

▣ Battlefield 3 Platoon:

▣ Battlefield 4 Platoon:

▣ Battlefield 3 Server: X

▣ Battlefield 4 Server:

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