Maximum Destruction 3
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Platoon Presentation

❈…㋡ Maximum Destruction Platoon 1 ㋡…❈

Our Rush Server:


If you have any questions just let us know!

A) We respect eachother and all clan member
B) We follow the server rules
C) We NEVER fight or argue with other clanmember in public, if there is a problem discuss it privately (especially when you are angry about the way some ppl play! As long as no rules are broken its all good and no reason to cry!)
D) We do not teabag eachother in game
E) We help eachother in game
F) We help the weak team by switching teams if necessary
G) Leaving the Platoon and/or delete Clantag by any reason (ragequit etc.) means you are out of MXD forever!

╔ Platoon ❶:

╠ Platoon ➋:

╠ Platoon ➌:

╚ Platoon ➍:

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