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♛ About V.I.P Members™ ♛

All VIP members are the best knifers which obtained their skills in many years.
All our members have +10k kill with knife and they are most talented on killing with knife. Rules to join V.I.P platoon are very simple:
1. Should have +10k kill with knife
2. Should have proven your skill to leaders (IMPORTANT!!)


Do not ask for inviting, we will decide who can join V.I.P and who can't. Having an extraordinary skill is necessary for V.I.P members. Try and prove yourself to us so that you can be a leader of platoon or admin in V.I.P. If you are a friend or fan you can still play with us.

NOTE: If you don't have +10k kills with knife, but we acknowledge that you are good enough to join this platoon, you'll be able to join this platoon.

♛ V.I.P Servers ♛

[VIP] - Knife & Defib only: http://goo.gl/Smyqo1

Feel free to join our servers, and remember to respect our rules.

♛ V.I.P Donations ♛

Do you enjoy playing on VIP servers? As you know VIP has currently 2 servers at this moment. If we want to hold the current servers alive, and create more servers, we need your financial help. All your donations help us to keep them up and running. No matter how little you donate, it will always help our server. Above all, we care for the safety and joyment of our players, but even we need some help now and then. We ensure all of you, the community, that every little cent we get will be spended wisely and each and every penny on the servers.

If you would like to donate to us, use our paypal e-mail: VIP-Community@hotmail.com

Link to paypal: http://goo.gl/xt3cWf

Thanks in advance!

If you have any trouble whatsoever don't hesitate to send us a email.

Support mail: VIP-Community@hotmail.com

Become a fan of this platoon! Play with knife & defibrillator and have fun.

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