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    ngolo-is-love on se donne rdv sur bf5 :p
    9 years ago
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    i got some bf nostalgia those days , it remind me my 1rst meet with hcm longt time ago on a caspian map , i was so surprise to see 2 dedicated med on this map (how far it was :p) , and got kicked 2 time by szaj of the squad before he realize that i could be maybe be a decent medic too :p , i think its around this time that your idea of this platoon and what it should be really grow up and became what it is today , and honestly its something nice , i mean see a 3d platoon open on near 10 year game is really great nice to see you still enjoying the game, my dear sophie , a little shout out to active people here but also to old inactive here, hope that if you see that message you all good
    rimkuks why i wrote all that shit today?!? because my selective memory told me that it should be your birthday or not far away, SO I WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear mamba, hope you and your kids are all good ;)
    9 years ago
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    HEY OLDIES hope you all spend a nice summer in those uncertains times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdVpRvf-Vpc&list=RD0y-tNFmOqbQ&index=6 have a nice end of summer and dont forget your meds :p
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    rimkuks @sophie kiddo iam very fine having a nice summer after long "confinement" , hope you and your family are all good my lady
    9 years ago
    rimkuks bien sur ca raconte quoi el noob toujours sur bf?, , toujours moitié suisse moitié espingouin? ;D
    9 years ago
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