Dirty Southern RatPack
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***************************************************DSRP CLAN***************************************************


We are a friendly but organized clan with our own website. Which includes a forum, live chat, games etc.
We are all aged between 18 and 45
We all play with mics
We have members from all over the world including U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Australia, Brazil,Germany & Ireland
We have members online at all times of the day whatever Time Zone your in.
We do compete against other Clans but we also have members who just play for a fun. So it doesn't matter if your a hardcore BF3 Vet looking to battle other clans or a more casual player looking for good & reliable team mates to squad up with, we can accomodate all players


1. We prefer you to have a rank higher than 30 (some exeptions can be made)
2. We prefer you to be 18 or over (some exceptions can be made)
3. We expect all our members to wear the DSRP Clan Tag when playing with other DSRP members
4. NO bullying,racism or any anti religous behaviour towards any DSRP member or any other player online
5. We expect you to check the Clan's website & Battlelog Platoon page when you can to keep up-to-date with Clan activities etc.
6. Members are expected to send / accept friend requests to / from the DSRP Leaders & Members on Battlelog and PSN


To join us you can apply on this page to the DSRP Platoon but you are required to register on our website also.
We don't accept any Platoon requests until you have first registered & applied on our website
(click the Official website link at the top of this page)

***************************************************DSRP CLAN***************************************************

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