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Our Clan was born in the summer of 2009, under the name of KB, Kings of Battlefield. We wanted, since the start, to became an important reality among the most importants console Battlefield Clans.
Our first game was Bad Company that give to us the right knowledge about the Battlefield Console experience, giving to us a little fame as good tankers and infantrymens. The second Clan game was Battlefield 1943, but we played it only for fun... Arrived Bad Company 2...Our clan with this game started his expansion, collected some good players and month by month became the strongest national clan, winning a lot of tournaments under the name KB.
So RV? Reges Victores was born in 2011,after a strong crysis of KB. It was composed by the 90% of the past members but we had a completely different mentalities:
We wanted to be an european reality, not only national and this changed a lot of things.

◘Platoon hierarchy
★[RV]whitebyzantine53 (Founder & Mechanized Leader)
★[RV]Sion931 (Princeps & Infantry Leader)
★[RV]NeOmArLeY (Princeps & Air Leader)
★[RV]Buugo44 (Princeps & Mechanized Leader)
★[RV]xricky93x (Primae Hastae & Auxilia)
★[RV]Ponzi95 (Primae Hastae & Air Leader)
★[RV]IL_MIETITORE94 (Primae Hastae & Infantry Leader)

♛ 1st place in the Tournament 6vs6 FiPOT (best italian association of Tournaments) Battlefield Bad Company 2.
♛ 1st place in the Tournament 8vs8 FiPOT Battlefield Bad Company 2.
♛ 1st place in the Tournament 6vs6 IPS3 on Battlefield Bad Company 2.
♛ Series of victories on Battlefield Bad Company 2 under the name "KB" (Kings of Battlefield) 40-0.
♛ Playoffs of the 3rd season of FraggedNation (FN) 12 vs 12 Conquest Ladder on Battlefield 3.
♛ Best italian Clan on Battlefield PS platform since 2009.

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◘BF4 recruitment Platoon

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