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-Tea Bagging-
Also known as corpse-humping, tea-bagging is a slang term in video games when after a player has slain another player or NPC, they move their character over the dead character's body and crouch up and down repeatedly, adding a humiliating, and often humorous, factor to the character's death.

Tea-bagging is primarily used to make one's death a more humiliating experience and provoking the other player. This action is most commonly performed in video games found within the first-person shooter genre; however, every game that has a crouch button and dead bodies is susceptible to this phenomenon. Tea-bagging is but one of the ways that the online first-person shooter community is forming a more juvenile identity in comparison with the other genres of video games.
Steps on how to tea-bag properly:

Kill opponent (this step is not necessary if your desired target is already dead)
Move up to your victim's corpse
Stand on top of said corpse
Crouch and stand repeatedly, alternating, while being located directly over the corpse


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