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We are a clan playing at a high level and seeking challenges!
We have 4 years experience as a clan in FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield
If you want to be one of us write to the Leaders of the Clan.


K/D: min. 2,0
SPM: 750

Jeśli chcesz do nas dołączyć pisz do HooLiGaN_Mordor.

Currently we do not take part in any tournaments. We are looking forward to BF4 on Ps4.
For more news you can checkout our website, like and follow us on Facebook and YouTube.

Our website: www.yahooligans.y0.pl
➤ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YaHooLiGaNs-eSport/645195228833964
➤ Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/YaHooLiGaNs2009

Our last matches (12vs12):

::Ya vs BHT (4:0) WIN
::Ya vs RAGE (0:4) LOSS
::Ya vs vD (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs SF (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs Sn (2:2) DRAW
::Ya vs Pol (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs tGD (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs PONY (2:2) DRAW
::Ya vs l4L (0:4) LOSS
::Ya vs ctH (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs rG (2:2) DRAW
::Ya vs GKC (4:0) WIN
::Ya vs SSF (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs BiH (4:0) WIN
::Ya vs SSF (2:2) DRAW
::Ya vs SF (3:1) WIN
::Ya vs SoD (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs SzS (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs D3eS (2:4) LOSS
::Ys vs PPT (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs Pol (0:2) LOSS
::Ya vs SaD (2:1) WIN
::Ya vs ATPL (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs NEWS (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs BoD (3:0) WIN
::Ya vs iCV (0:2) LOSS
::Ya vs FPH (2:0) WIN
::Ya vs GFM (1:2) LOSS
::Ya vs DGZ (3:1) WIN

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