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Perceptive having keenness of insight, understanding and possibilities. Any job anywhere any way, Perceptive Computer Services has keenness and a willingness to understand and implement what is necessary to get the job done. Computer repairs, network structures and server management you tell us what you want and we get it done. There is no job to big or to small that Perceptive Computer Services cannot undertake. If there’s any possibility we make it happen.

Capable having power and ability, the power to be efficient. Something you can’t do? A problem you stuck with? Or simply something you can’t understand. Perceptive Computer Services has the ability to be efficient and capable. In rendering any service, or implementation of any structure.

Swift having the ability to act quickly and instantly. Need the job done quickly and thoroughly? Then Perceptive Computer Services is your way forward. Getting the job done quickly is one thing but getting it done thoroughly is another. Perceptive Computer Services puts two and two together to bring you the quickest repair and service times with the most efficient workmanship.

Perceptive Computer Services CC. Was founded and established on the 25 May 2010 (25/05/2010)

Perceptive Computer Services has over 5 years computing experience and expertise. Perceptive was first thought out to help and assist the public with a convenient and easy way to access computer repairs, support and services, while keeping the clients best interests at heart.

Perceptive, Capable, Swift…think about it…

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