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=This is an official MI6 RECON division ONLY=
-Pre-Requirement to join and the chance to earn custom made tags for your profile as follow:
-Friendly and respectful to other club members - specially MI6 and eMI6 Leaders and Clan members
-Active with a great service record
*If you meet this requirements - PLS APPLY for the club and will get a custom AVATAR pic and get to sponsor with the "eMI6" tag/emblem
-We are a Club that is based on the idea of equality.
-We strive to make each game enjoyable, not frustrating.
Now if you want to JOIN a clan and wear a TAG Join any active clan
However, you must follow their requirements =MI6 always looking for new talent=
- We have a strong base and foundation for the clan, which is lead by the members of that clan.
-We strive to help you become better at battlefield at all times. Everyone can become better no matter how good you are.

Current 3 and ABOVE =RECON= Service Stars WALL :


For the rest Keep working by any means necessary =1 Shot 1 Kill=

Hi all!

Min requirements to remain in Recon Special Ops member as follow :
-ONLY MI6 members can apply other clan members are INVITE only - ALL MUST respect the rMI6 RULES or will be KICKED!
-RANK MUST be 30 or above
-Positive K/D ratio
-Skill LEVEL above 100
-Recon min should be a least 100k multiplayer score
-Active with a great service record
-500 + Kills with any Sniper riffle as primary weapon
-A least one kill above 500 meters

To sport the [rMI6] during multiplayer games:

-Kill/D RATIO MUST be above 1.0
-Skill Level should be higher than 150
-Above 500K Recon multiplayer score
-50+ hours for Recon Service record
-2 service stars in multiple sniper weapons
-1000+ Kills with any Sniper riffle as primary weapon
-All Recon weapons unlocked
-40 Rank or higher
-Active with a great service record and MEMBER of the [MI6] Clan
-You MUST change your multiplayer tag to [rMI6]

=One Shot Kill Club= [rMI6] Recon = If you don't currently meet the minimum requirements to be an active member of the Recon – MI6 - You can be on trial period or be a fan or be our friend if you do not belong to the MI6 – we want quality and not quantity – Hooah!

Thank yo all!
KillSkreen - eMI6
MUST BE SIGN TO [MI6] to become Leader of this RECON division



1. NO Trash talking other members/clans. If a clans starts talking shit to us 1st then by all means respond
but don't be overly aggressive and just start drama with fellow members or other clans.

2. NO cheating or using exploits that would bring shame to the clan name

3. Be mature. Age Limit is currently 16

Even if you are under 16 you can still apply as long as you are mature.

4. Must be active on the site and team games.

*NOTE: Members of ANY bro CLAN are allowed to join and keep their CLAN tags.
KillSkreen =Founder=

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