Reaper Actual [Elite]
Plaque: [RAE] Fans: 6 Créé: 13-12-2011

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*Age: 15+
*Mature (when needed)
*1.00 or greater KDR (or close enough to match it)

RAE is a platoon for skilled players who are seeking a little bit more. We are semi-organized meaning we do wear our tags proudly but we DO NOT force you to use a certain class. This platoon is where the metal meets the meat, so strap up and move out. If your interested in joining RAE, apply to join or contact any of the leaders who will help you along in the process. The more players we have, the more success and fun this platoon can possess.We are the elite players of battlefield; victory is in our grasp every time we join a game. Dominance in battlefield is one step closer with each new member we obtain. Will you answer the call of RAE or will you be the next to fall victim to our superior firepower?

Motto: Fighting one of us is the same as fighting all of us.

Goal: Overrun to Overpower.



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