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Members without battlelog :

Find us on Facebook:



Actively recruiting

Key requirements:

MUST be active on PSN and battlelog/facebook
MUST be a team player
MUST speak and understand English
MUST have a mic
Wear FTA tags / Loyal
Mature gamer
Ability to follow chain of command
Positive K/D
add sailing_skipper on here and on PSN

Requests to join are to be sent here:


----------------------------------------------------MATCH AVAILABILITY--------------------------------------------------------

Not accepting matches at this time.


----------------------------------------------GENERAL SERVER INFORMATION--------------------------------------------

Server name: From The Ashes

Current Server Admins:

sailing_skipper, tbmb85, Un4saken_Warrior, roscoP_coltrain, US-ARMYRANGER-14 and Baz_Millwall_FC

Anyone is welcome on our server. We will not kick people from the server unnecessarily, however, priority on the server will be given to platoon members and allies. Players may be moved to balance if the server becomes extremely uneven on one side.

If you join with friends/platoon members we will try to keep you together where possible. If there is an admin available to arrange it we shall if it is requested.

People who are glitching, visibly lagging (sliding across the map/ darting backwards and forwards uncontrollably) or C4 spamming to result in console freezes, will be removed from the server to maintain the flow of game play.

Being insulting to members of the platoon for the way that they play or as result of a request by admin by sending hate mail or verbal abuse will get you removed and/or banned. There is no need for this behaviour. Please be gracious or learn to adapt to a situation. If someone is camping, simply avoid the area or strategically flush them out. Don't hate the player for using tactics. Create some of your own.

People who abuse the mic', such as loud music, if caught by admin or reported to admin for being a nuisance will be removed from the server. this is to ensure the majority of players can enjoy their gaming experience. If you enjoy music playing, that's great, but kindly mute your mic or join your own squad so that others who may not share your view can continue without disruption.

Play the objective or find another server to play on. Blowing up your own base vehicles, launching jeeps etc during a game is not tolerated those found to be doing so will be shown the exit.

In most cases, one warning will be given verbally or via PSN msg before being kicked for disorderly conduct. sometimes sending a message first is not always possible however, such is life.

------------------------------------------------------MEMBERS INFORMATION-------------------------------------------------

Members guidelines can be found on the bootcamp page.

For those of you who are not able to continue playing in a more competitive manor, please request to join the bootcamp page

**where possible, try to fill the FTA server, which is currently running a conquest only rotation. Predominantly featuring original BF3 maps with a couple of new ones in the mix. The maps and modes may change for a time in the future. but will remain as it is until the server is more established with regular players returning to it. It's your server, please make use of it.

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