Skill was forgotten
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Cheats have won, it's true, it has polluted our names as gamers, what was once called skill is now referred to as cheats. We must unite against cheats, but we cannot do so directly: We must change ourselfs, our way of thinking, remove the ignorance and assumptions, we must learn to see the truth again.

Hackusators and administrators who ban you because they are on the other end of your barrel are just like you, but with less skill. Do not blame them, they have been brainwashed by all the cheating going around. Some players even use hackusations as their protection against humiliation. Instead of calling it skill, or nice shot; they call it hacks because it is "Okay" to accuse people. But they are wrong, everyone is wrong.

Cheats always existed, but now it has evolved to something bigger, it has changed gaming, it changed the players. It took a while for this to happen, but here we are in 2012, hating on what used to be called skill. If you are one of those who gets called a cheater often, record some gameplay and upload it. Together we may show players what skill is again. To everyone else, I ask of you, if someone you hackusate provides proof: Do not ignore it, watch it!

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