Blood And Bullets
Plaque: [BNB] Fans: 4 Créé: 31-08-2012

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This platoon has no requirements except that you play the f**ing objective. Be respectful and listen to your squad leader. This platoon was created for tactical team play, not running and gunning and flying solo. Know your role and your responsibilities. Play smart and play to win.
Oh, and we have no server. Sorry.

Secondly, this platoon wasn't designed to be anyone's primary platoon, nor do I require you to change your clan tag (I didn't). This platoon is simply a group of people who feel like playing as a team and are tired of people who don't.

Third note: Basic order of things. Squad leaders with have mic on team and squad members will have it on squad. There will be a designated "general" who will be in charge of orders. Games, squads and leaders will be decided ahead of time.

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