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------ styX eSport Infantry------

"Stiffened wounds test their pride
Men of five, still alive through the raging glow
Gone insane from this pain that they surely know"

You are, enemy
You are my hated enemy
I am enemy
Number one rated enemy
I'm a labelled enemy
I am your mortal enemy
My actions enemy
Make me your bitter enemy

All the world around enemy
They're tearing up the ground enemy
They're drawn in by the sound
Enemy, enemy I must eliminate my Enemy

Your people, enemy
My people's hated enemy
What are you, enemy
Though a created enemy
Terminate the, enemy
Eradicate the hated enemy
I am an enemy
My very greatest enemy

Match types - T4 | T5 | T8 | CQ Domination - CSL rules Infantry Mode.
Game modes - Normal or Hardcore

Main roster: T5

Leader: styX Perils

Co-Leaders: styX Dreamer

# styX Perils
# styX Inferno
# styX Ancient
# styX Equinox
# styX VituMOK
# styX Tankman

Main Roster ; T4 SQR

Leader: styX Perils

Co-Leader: styX Ancient

# styX Perils
# styX Ancient
# styX Inferno
# styX Equinox

-sub: styX Xavi/VituMOK


T8 Conquest Domination

# styX Perils
# styX Dreamer
# styX Tankman
# styX Ruffy
# styX Equinox
# styX Skylighter
# styX Marmil
# styX zJekaa
# styX Incubo

Additional Player sometimes will have to play different roles to adapt on the battlefield.


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