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Happy Wars > MOH

Kudos if you get the clan tag.



List of buffs:
For the buffs that have a level after them, the higher the level, the stronger the effect. They don’t stack.

Warrior/Cleric/Mage Slayer.
Does more damage to that class.

Attack/Magic Attack/Defence/Magic Defence/Guard Power/AntiMagic Guard/Hp/Ap Up
Self explanatory.

Tactical Power Up
Increases damage from cannons and ballistas. I’m not sure if this affects the giant chicken thing on sunset.

Mobility Speed Up
Makes you run faster.

Shorten Cool Down
Lets you cast spells sooner.

Conserve AP
Skills use less AP.

Freeze Rate Down
Less Likely to get frozen.

KO Rate Down
This doesn’t have anything to do with getting killed. It means you are less likely for you to not be able to move and need to shake the left stick right and left.

Stun Rate Down
Makes you less to get stunned. This is when you move very slowly.

Get Hit & Gain AP
You gain AP every time you are hit. I don’t have this so I don’t know what types of attacks count, whether or not it matters how much damage you take

Respawn Speed Up
Decreases the time it takes you to respawn.

Construction Speed Up
Speeds up construction of towers, ballistas, cannons, ladders, and battering rams.

Smash Power Up
How Far you throw you enemy. example a warriors charge.

Smash Resistance
Lowers the chance and/or distance of being knocked back and smash power up does the opposite to opponents.

Anti-Materiel Up
Lets you destroy enemy towers faster.

You will always start with this skill, and another skill of the same type (not including team skills,) and it makes it more powerful. Different skills have different effects. I don’t know exactly how they help, but would assume more damage, higher chance of applying a status effect, better buffs, and faster cast times for heal and resurrect.

Experience Up
You gain more xp in the match to unlock more skills. It does not affect your score or rank.

There are also debuffs in are purple. They basically do the opposite of their buff counterparts. Remove when possible.

Item modifications are when you move a buff from one item to another. In order to do this you need a item with an empty spot, and an item of the same type and class with a white buff you want to transfer. If the item you want to place a new buff on doesn’t have any open spaces, you can pay 800 to remove a white buff from it and give yourself an empty space. Make sure the item you want to take the buff from is not equipped on any of your characters.

Once you have both items chose the item you want to add the buff to as the base item, and the item with the buff you want as the material item. Pay your 1200 stars and that’s it.

You can also use happy tickets instead of stars if you want.

Remember the material item will be destroyed. Daisuke :3

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