The Shenanigans Squad
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If you don't see our custom platoon emblem, then you need the newest version of Better Battlelog. Get it here:


The Shenanigans Squad is a platoon solely for entertainment purposes.

Our hopes are to recruit active players who want to help in our production of BF3 videos; including funny clips, amazing feats, and cinematics.

All videos will be uploaded to our clan's YouTube channel, under a separate section for our Shenanigans. Proper credit shall always be given out to those that help, and provide ideas.

We hope this interests some people, and hope to have a lot of fun with this. Feel free to apply if you would like to help. We could probably use 1 or 2 more people with capture cards.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask INTENSIF1ED or KFxNash


Recruiting help thread:

Our first video is up, tis full of the lulz!

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