75th Ranger Regiment
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75th Ranger Regiment Welcomes You!

About Us : The founders of 75th Towa/Locnload have been playing games such as BF3 for many years now dating way back to Black Hawk Down and Americas Army where we succesfully ran FPS Clans. Here at 75th we believe in having fun!!! We do follow military rank system for our players. We have a few items we are currently working on such as a webpage. If you have any questions about 75th please feel free to ask!

Requirements for joining the community.

1) A working mic or Headset / Speakers
2) Know English
3) Be on Teamspeak while in the server playing
4) Have some knowledge of the game
5) Be 18+ years old
6) Post in our forums atleast twice a month to know you are active in our community. (when webpage is done)
7) Be Respectful to all players and Our Ranks.
8 ) Be able to sit back relax and have a damn good time playing! (We like fun!) Remember its just a GAME!
9) Work as a team and enjoy the military way.
10) Be able to do training missions as a team!

If you would like to join please message Locnload31 and or Towa451
Thanks for your interest in 75th Ranger Regiment!

What Does 75th Have for you?

New 48 Player Server
Teamspeak 3 Server (50 People)
Friendly Helpful Admin/Players

Feed section

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