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Want to play with a sense of teamwork?
3 Servers to Choose from !
Join Us On Teamspeak 3

* Visit us at

=RNHB= Is Actively Recruiting!

We are looking for players from North America and Canada. We are a PC Gaming clan.
Redneckhillbillies is looking
for mature, active and skilled players that love to compete, and have fun.

Brief History:
Founded in June 2002 we peeked at over 150 members, RedNeckHillbilles is a PC Gaming clan that primarily focuses on the FPS genre, and
was the result of a breakaway effort from another clan whose ideals had shifted away from a democracy to a dictatorship.

With our clan everyone’s voice is equal,
no one person’s opinion is any more valid then the next so that everyone gets their say in all aspects of clan life. Monthly meetings are the clans chance to speak up freely with anything issues or changes and we vote as a team on every issue!

What do we offer as a clan?
• Mature gaming environment, we don’t like Childish players!
•Teamspeack server for all VOIP communications.
• Website and Forums for game related discussions.
• A consistent roster. 40% of our members have stuck around for 8yrs or more!
• Game servers as appropriate, based on the current interests of the clan

Application Guidelines:
• Guideline age of 18+
• Must have a microphone and speak English
• Must be an active gamer that is a team-player and can maintain a generally positive k/d ratio

Join us now go to the website and fill out an application ,



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