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CrackaNiggaGingaMaybe-but Impact for all of you politically correct douches...
Home of the: "sorry ass, tryhard wienie pickup brigade"

Exactly what it looks like...just move on and accept it.

(Congratulations on whoever came up with a name people will actually put in their Twitch live streams, but Imp as the tag? Come on now...)

Just a group of friends who plan to remain in touch, even after the great console split of our time...

xl ViTAL lx: "God dammit"
The Cracka---------->[CRKA]
Gets kills stolen on a regular basis....

Tech N9ne tL: "You ain't about this life"
The Nigga---------------->[NGGA]
Cant decide if he wants to play Battlefield or not...

I Am xCupCake: "Push that guy, and get my rez"
The Ginga---------->[GNGR]
Sits in empty lobbies for hours at a time practicing how to fire a pistol at a headglich

Riptide721: "Motherfucker, eat my bullets"
The Maybe---------->[MAYB]
Steals The Cracka's kills, complains when we dont res him...

undagr0undkilla: (as of now the quoteless wonder)
Strangely quiet, and has terribad internet...sorry

Eagle lz: "There's one more...fuckin A"
Just a jet pilot.

Commander Kem1o: "they teach us that in iC"
Ex Phalanx and iC, unlike some of us...

Evidently you are supposed to spam me (CupCake) or Riptide with messages...I dont know when the fuck we voted on that...
(Cause we fucking didn't...)

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