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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL IDF XBOX PLATOON<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Welcome for the armed forces of israel !!!
This is the first official israeli platoon on xbox360.
We always looking for new members that will fight at our side !
Servers: we don't have at this moment...


Requirements To Join This Platoon:
⇨SPM: 200
Aid and support other clan members either supply/ repair vehicles or a simple revive.
Dont be alone, be part of the team and help out.
Active player
( When Joining IDF You Have To Follow Our Two Simple Rules )
⇨1. Add IDF Into Your Clan Tag. Go to Profile/Edit Profile.
⇨2. Be Active & Play With The Clan.
כחלק מחברות בפלאטון -חובה- עליכם להיות גם פעילים בבאטלוג לקבלת הודעות ועוד

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